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You care for your and dad.
Whether it’s a weekly visit or hours each day, you need to talk to your family about emergencies. If something happens to you or someone close to you, do you have a caregiver emergency plan in place?

Where Are Important Medical Forms?

Does everyone know who is the medical power of attorney? Is there a back-up just in case? If your parent has a stroke and can’t speak, can everyone close to your mom or dad answer questions doctors ask? Does everyone know about the metal pins in your dad’s knees? Do they know that your mom is allergic to latex?

In addition to knowing this information, there should be a packet taped to the refrigerator that can help EMTs who come to the house. This packet should have an advance directive, HIPAA permissions, photocopies of insurance cards, and emergency contact information. An emergency card should also be in your mom or dad’s wallet.

Have an Emergency Bag Packed

A storm is coming and your mom or dad has to evacuate the house. In the panic of getting out in time, it helps to have an emergency bag packed and ready to grab. This bag should have copies of important documents (HIPAA permissions, powers of attorney, insurance cards, and emergency contacts) and clothing for one day.

It’s also worth considering medications. You may be able to get your parent’s doctor to simply issue a refill at a pharmacy near a shelter, but the insurance may refuse to fill a prescription that’s already been refilled recently.

Keep a Laminated Sheet With the Daily Routine?

The usual caregiver doesn’t show up. Whoever steps in needs to know the daily routine. It should be kept laminated and on the fridge. You can also use a free app that helps arrange schedules. If your mom or dad needs to take daily medications with breakfast, you need to make sure it’s on a schedule that’s accessible to anyone who steps in to provide care.

Planning for an Emergency Should Be Part of Your Family Discussions

When you sit down to talk to your family about your parent’s care, you need to talk about what happens if there is an emergency. If you come down with the flu and don’t have the energy to care for a parent, who steps in? Are you going to be pushed to care for your parents anyway and risk spreading it to them?

If you have a health emergency, who takes over? If you fall while walking up to your parent’s icy front steps and break a hip, who will help your parents out while you recover?

When there’s an emergency, it helps to have a senior care agency on your side. They can schedule an emergency replacement so that you don’t miss something important. Call today to talk to a senior care representative and get answers to your questions.

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