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Avoiding a fall is one of the biggest safety items for your senior at this stage of her life. Falling can create all sorts of other health issues for her and most falls can be avoided with some preparation. Home care services can help you to do that.

Spotting Tripping Hazards

Some tripping hazards are obvious, like cords across a pathway or stacks of books that periodically fall over. But there are other tripping hazards, too, like rugs that have holes or that are a little slippery. Home care providers are experienced at spotting these types of tripping hazards and can help you to eliminate as many of them as possible for your senior.

Maintaining Clear Pathways

Pathways don’t stay clear on their own, unfortunately. Your senior will likely need some help in keeping those areas clear once they finally are clear. Senior care providers can help with this task, even on a daily basis as a regular part of everyday habits.

Making Sure Your Senior Has the Right Footwear

Shoes matter and if your elderly family member isn’t in the habit of wearing shoes in her home, she may need to change her perspective on that. Ideally, she should be wearing shoes that fit her well and that have a solid, non-slip sole. They should also fit around her entire foot, instead of being a slip-on style of shoe. Wearing these shoes every day gives her plenty of support for her feet.

Keeping Lights On

Your senior’s eyes function a little differently now than they even did a few years ago. It happens gradually, but she most likely needs a little more light in order to see clearly now than she used to need. Elder care providers understand this and they can help to ensure that your senior has the light that she needs, even during the day.

Supporting Your Senior When She’s Walking

It’s not easy to accept help from other people, but your elderly family member might find that to be something that helps her now. This is especially important if your senior is reluctant to use a cane or other assistive tools when walking.

If you suspect that your senior’s health or the prescription medications that she takes could be contributing to her fall risk, make sure that you talk about those issues with her doctor. Her doctor can help you to narrow down potential issues and to put solutions in place. Coupled with the help you can get from home care services, you have a solid plan for fall prevention.


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