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What You Need to Know About National Traffic Awareness Month 

Elder Care in Boca Raton FL: August is National Traffic Awareness Month, a time when people and communities all over the country are focusing on making driving safer for everyone. One area that family caregivers should assess is whether their aging loved one is still capable of driving themselves. Read More
Elder Care in Boca Raton FL: National Traffic Awareness Month
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How Could Loss of Smell Impact Your Senior with Parkinson’s Disease?

Home Care Services in Boca Raton FL: One of the earliest signs of Parkinson's disease for many people is a loss of sense of smell. Noticed in the earliest phases of the disease, this loss affects specific smell primarily, and it tends to progress and worsen similar to other symptoms. Read More
Home Care Services in Boca Raton FL: Parkinson's Disease And Loss Of Smell

Dementia Misunderstood

Dementia is misunderstood “Dementia is not a specific disease.” In fact, dementia is considered a syndrome by some in the medical community (Webmd.com). It’s an overall term that describes a wide range of symptoms. Alzheimer’s is the most common and well-known...

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Dementia Misunderstood