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Who Is Alan?

Who Is Alan?


Many often ask, “Who is Alan?” Well…let me explain.

Alan Gorman, a.k.a. “Bug”, was a young man I was blessed to meet at the tender age of seven. He was the son of a very close friend of mine, Lisa, who entrusted him to me during her frequent business trips. He was her “man among men” and a “momma’s boy” in every sense of the term. He adored and loved his mother unconditionally. This love extended to others and was evident in his kindness, generosity and loyalty to friendships. One person once said, “The only friends Bug doesn’t have are the ones he hasn’t met.” He had an all-welcoming smile. The two of us were kindred spirits and quickly grew very close.

Alan understood how precious life was at a very early age and lived life to the fullest. His motto was “live life and keep it simple.” He nurtured an inner love and compassion for others that extended far and wide, especially for those downtrodden and often disregarded. I can vividly recall incidences where he would take bus rides and warmly engage in conversation with homeless passengers. He treated everyone no differently than anyone else. Bug saw a goodness in so much and so many.

Unfortunately, we lost Alan at the young age of 14, due to a tragic jet skiing accident. Since then I frequently think of what he offered to the world and how much more he would have in his future.

We have chosen to continue Alan’s legacy through service to others. There are 5 fundamental principles his older sister stated that he held dear:

1.) Make friends with everyone.

2.) Make your mark (leave a lasting positive impression)

3.) Be resourceful (utilize available skills)

4.) Be original (stand out and apart from others)

5.) Forgive (set aside judgments)

These are principles that my colleagues and I proudly adhere to.  We at Alan Homemaker & Companion Services strive every day to live up to Bug’s loving and generous nature.

Sherri Bowen

Administrator & Managing Partner


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